RichReay Group


Offer Great food and Ambience with excellent service at a great price.

Who we are

Inspired and humbled by Cambodia’s rising economy pre and post pandemic, we want to uplift the Kingdom’s spirit through delivering novel experiences and memories in the F&B sector.

Founded in 2021, RichReay Food Group is the brain behind many of Cambodia’s most trending eateries. Our food and beverage portfolio consists of KARE (a Japanese inspired BBQ outlet), Pao Pao (a fusion hotpot restaurant), Mi Dot (a chargrilled noodle shop) and the highly anticipated MOOD (a community bar concept, opening in 2023).

What we do

We pride ourselves in our expertise to curate unique and exciting food experiences that satisfy, enrich and entice the local taste buds. Already with multiple strong brand presences in our portfolio, we're motivated more than ever to become the kingdom’s most beloved food operator, developing and launching unique dining concepts that’s accessible to everyone.

Our values

RichReay—the Khmer word for happiness—is the value that we deeply cherish, so much so that it’s written into our name and therefore, our identity.

Happiness comes in many forms; in the company of good friends, in the feeling you get when the fruits of your labor are ready for harvest or in the promise of hope amidst moments of despair. At Rich Reay, we hope to deliver, maximise and sustain your happiness through our shared love for food. After all, food is not only meant to sustain and nourish us but it’s also meant to fulfill us.

one men and one woman holding a plate of food

To be the most preferred restaurants of choice for Cambodians.


The team behind RichReay

Thong Sovanraingsey
Chea Chandara
Head of Operation
Koem Saophea
Head of Finance
Kim Vichet
Head of Chef
Mao Nimol
Head of Marketing and Strategy
Chhun Haven
Head of Branding