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Recent Growth

On March 9, 2023, a stirring event took place in the Anina Building as Team Richreay and SunPark Group came together for the official franchise signing ceremony. The occasion marked the acquisition of "Tokotsu Kazan" Ramen by Richreay Food Group from Japan SUNPARK Co., LTD.The ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including Mr. Masaki Yoshimoto, the Chief Operating Officer of SunPark Group, and Madame Sovanraingsey Thong, the Chairwoman of Richreay Food Group. The event started with remarks of interest from both parties, signifying the start of a strategic partnership between Richreay Food Group and SunPark International Group.

This cooperation between the two companies is expected to bring about a significant positive impact not only on their respective businesses but also on the food industry as a whole. The collaboration will enable Richreay Food Group to expand its portfolio and offer a wider range of quality products to their customers while SunPark Group can leverage Richreay's operational expertise and market knowledge to enhance their brand presence in new markets.

The successful completion of the franchise signing ceremony is a testament to the commitment of both companies towards building a long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership.

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